The story

Blogging dog is not a conventional website to help bloggers in their blogging journey. Rather it is website started to stand out from the crowd and be a faithful, friendly companion of every bloggers.

After all, success is always about standing out, not fitting in the crowd, this is not different for blogging too.

I started the blogging journey in the beginning of 2018. From the beginning I was searching for the domain names with exact match words and .Com gtld. Unfortunately, all of the domains were taken off by somebody who is actually using it or by the so called domain squatters.

I tried with some hacked words domain but being a perfectionist and visionary, i was never convinced with those hacked words domain names. Sometimes, this would be demotivating and keeping me from growing my site without a good name.

Meanwhile my research about the other "gTLDS" and their effect in SEO din't stop. After all, optimizing the website for the search engines is the most important part of starting a website or a blog.

Though i knew google's parent company Alphabet started using the .xyz gTLD for its website, i was skeptical about using other "gTLDs".

In the beginning of the year 2020, while looking for a domain name, a domain name with the exact keyword and.QA extension was available and i registered it. That's where the real game started.

The exact keyword was trademarked by a big corporation. I contacted them and got some interesting replies and my research expanded in the area of using the trademarked words usage in the domain names. After a lot of research, i'm convinced that, by law its allowed to use the domain names with trademarks based on the fair use policy of the trademark.

The search went on and some of the exact match domains of the topic of my interests were available with other "gTLDS". I've registered those and started working on it intensively.

I've taken the resolve to grow the blog with the domain names with other extensions to the top of the google real estate.

This would be an inspiration to the beginners who are looking for the meaningful domain names and pave way for them to start with some good names and other gTLDS and be successful as ventures and Alphabet Inc.

- Vikram.